How to register with us

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment we ask new patients to only come to the Surgery to register on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9am-5pm. If you want to register electronically, please fill in all the forms (you will need to print them first for the signature) and email them to (please take a photo of yourself holding your ID as well as photos of your ID and proof of address)

Please do not put the registration forms through the letter box, without speaking to Reception first. They will not be processed and will be disposed of in a confidential manner. 

If you need to see the doctor urgently, but are self isolating, you can also follow the above instructions on how to send your registration forms to us. You will then be able to sign up for AskmyGP to send your request to the doctor.

Please make sure you have signed the GMS1 form as well as the SCR Consent form!


Adults (17 and older):

You will be required to complete a Registration Form (GMS1), Practice Health Questionnaire (Male or Female, separate forms for children) and SCR Consent Form and email these to, along with your NHS Number (if you have one), proof of address within the last 3 months  i.e. recent bank statement, utilities bill, tenancy agreement or council tax bill AND photo proof of identity i.e. passport, driving licence or National ID Card.  Please note we do not accept driving licences as proof of address.  

Please click on the appropriate link below to print the questionnaire:


Female adult registration questionnaire

Male adult registration questionnaire



Children (up to and including 16 year olds):

You will be required to complete a Registration Form (GMS1), Practice Health Questionnaire (New birth, Under 5 or 5-16) and SCR Consent Form and and email these to, along with your NHS Number (if you have one). 

You will need to provide an ID (Passport or birth certificate*) and vaccination records in english (red book for children born in the UK). If any vaccinations were administered overseas, you will be contacted to book an appointment with a nurse to discuss.

Make sure you have signed the GMS1 and SCR consent forms, either on behalf of patient or the patient can sign if capable.


Children 5 year – 16 years registration Questionnaire

Children under 5 year olds registration Questionnaire

New Birth Registration Form