Referral Information

What Happens to my Referral?

Dear Patient,

You have been referred on for tests or treatment

Following your consultation with your GP or other clinician you are being referred for further tests and/or treatment. In order for your treatment to be arranged, your doctor will forward your referral details to Ealing’s Referral Facilitation Service.

What is the Referral Facilitation Service (RFS)?

The RFS uses a panel of local GPs with detailed knowledge of local healthcare services. They look at the referral information provided by your GP and, taking into account the discussion you have had with your GP, they work with your GP to ensure that the service you are referred to best meets your clinical needs.

New community services

As part of improving access, a range of services are now being provided in community settings, consequently your appointment may take place at a hospital or it may take place in a community setting. We are committed to ensuring that you have easy access to the most appropriate service to meet your clinical needs.

Your choice

For more information about your right to choice, click here.

How will I hear about my appointment?

The administration team at the RFS will book an appointment on your behalf. You will receive a written confirmation of that appointment, either from the RFS or from the service provider and we may telephone you about your appointment if necessary, so please make sure your GP has your current address and telephone number.

What if I am unable to attend?

Once you receive your appointment details, please make every effort to attend. If however you need to change your appointment, the information you have received with your appointment will tell you how to do that. Should you experience any difficulty in either making or changing an appointment please do not hesitate to contact the Referral Facilitation Service and they will be happy to help you.

What if I am unhappy with the service?

If you have a comment or complaint about any local health service, you are entitled to raise this. Please ask the RFS or your GP for a complaints leaflet, which explains the process of doing so


The RFS is a confidential NHS service. We may use some of the information in your referral to help us develop services to suit local needs. Any information we use for this purpose will not include your name or other details that could identify you to other people.

If you have not heard from the RFS within 4 weeks of your appointment with your GP, 
please contact the RFS team on 020 3805 1740 or 0800 083 6255 or by email between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday and they will be happy to help.

If you contact RFS please have your NHS number and the name of your GP surgery handy. They may ask for personal information to confirm your identity.

Private Referrals

If you wish to be seen privately though your private health insurance or as a fee paying patient, you will normally need a private referral letter from the GP.

This may take up to 10 working days to prepare (unless you have been advised otherwise by the GP) and can be collected from Reception, or emailed to you.