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Florence Road Surgery

& Bramley Road Surgery

Florence Road Surgery
Bramley Road Surgery

Tel: 020 8567 2111 


University of West London Student Health 

We offer a full General Practice service for all University of West London students living within the Borough of Ealing.  Consultations take place by appointment at our Bramley Road Surgery..   The Practice will always try to accommodate students who need appointments outside of the dedicated session times at either Bramley Road or Florence Road.


We are also able to provide students registered at the Practice with emergency health care outside of the normal surgery hours, and we are also members of Harmoni which is a local co-operative that provides out-of-hours services when we are closed. 


All consultations are absolutely confidential and information will not be given to University staff, parents or other interested parties without your express permission.   

During the Holidays

Like all General Practices we are open all year. However, if you are out of Ealing during the holidays, you can obtain treatment from a local GP by registering with them as a temporary patient.
Please do not register with your GP at home during the holidays as this disrupts the service we can give you on your return. When you leave university you can register then.

How to Register

Prior to attending the University of West London you will have been advised to register with a local General Practice. If you still haven't registered you can download, print, and complete the registration documents from our register with us page.



The Practice Teams consist of trained medical staff - GPS, nurses, healthcare assistants and administration staff.  There is a mixture of both male and female doctors and we will endeavour to accommodate your preference.


Prescription Charges

Full time students under the age of 19 automatically qualify for free NHS prescriptions. If you are 19 or over and on a low income you can apply for an HC2 (full) or HC3 (limited) certificate for help with NHS charges using form HC1 available from our reception staff.  


If you have not applied for the certificate or are waiting to receive one, they usually take about 4 weeks, you will have to pay for your prescription. You can reclaim the fee if you get a receipt using form FP57 from the pharmacist at the time that you get your prescription and make your claim within 3 months.


Some people with long-term medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and hypothyroidism are eligible for free prescriptions, otherwise you will be charged by the pharmacist for each item on your prescription.


All prescriptions for contraception are free including emergency contraception. However this does not include condoms which cannot be prescribed, but you can get them free from local family planning clinics. Details of family planning clinics held in Ealing can be found on the contraception page.

Sexual Health

You don't need to have a lot of sexual partners to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Sex just once with someone who has an infection can be enough.


Common signs of an STI are:    

  • unusual discharge of liquid from vagina or penis
  • pain or burning when you urinate
  • itching, rashes, lumps or blisters around the genitals
  • low abdominal pain
  • pain or bleeding during or after sex.  

However, symptoms vary and many people have no symptoms at all. Link to NHS website answering questions about sexual infections.


Most STI's can be completely cured if found early enough. However, if left untreated they can be painful and uncomfortable or at worst cause permanent damage to your health and your fertility.


What is important is that you contact your general practice or a genitourinary medicine (GUM)/sexual health clinic as soon as possible. Information and tests are free and confidential. If you go to your general practice, you may have to pay a prescription charge for treatment.


Local Ealing GUM Clinic:

  • Ealing GUM Level-8 Clinic, Pasteur Suite, Level 8, Uxbridge Road, Middx : 020 8967 5555 or www.level-8.org

Alternative GUM Clinics:

  • West Middlesex Hospital GUM Dept : 020 8565 5718
  • Central Middlesex Hospital, Patrick Clements Clinic : 020 8453 2221
  • Northwick Park Hospital GUM Dept : 020 8869 3142
  • Hillingdon Hospital, Tudor Wing : 01895 279537
  • Charing Cross Hospital GUM Clinic : 020 8846 1577
  • St Mary's Hospital, Jefferiess Wing : 020 7886 1225

Contraceptive Pill Repeats: you can book to see the NURSE for your pill repeats.

Travel Vaccinations

Although some travel vaccinations are available on the NHS, many are not. Patients travelling abroad are advised to make a travel advice appointment at least 6 weeks in advance, so that the nurses can advise you of any NHS or non-NHS vaccinations you might need.  Both types of vaccination are available, although there will be a charge for non-NHS vaccinations.  Please click here to find out more details about charges.


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