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Florence Road Surgery

& Bramley Road Surgery

Florence Road Surgery
Bramley Road Surgery

Tel: 020 8567 2111 


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Our Practice Area

The practice boundaries encompass anywhere with the following street addresses.




Adelaide Road

Ainsdale Road

Adelaide Terrace

Albany Road

Airedale Road

Albert Road

Alacross Road

Alders Close

Altenburg Avenue

Almond Avenue

Apple Garth

Amherst Avenue

Ashmount Terrace

Amherst Road

Avenue Road

Arden Road

Balfour Road

Argyle Road

Balmoral Gardens

Arlington Road

Barchester Close

Arran Mews

Belsize Avenue

Ascott Avenue

Bernard Avenue

Ash Grove

Birkbeck Road (off Little Ealing Road)

Ashbourne Close

Blondin Avenue

Ashbourne Parade

Bonchurch Road

Ashbourne Road

Boston Park Road

Aspen Close

Boston Road

Aston Road

Bowmans Close

Audley Road

Bramber Court

Barnfield Road

Bramley Road


Brentwick Gardens

Bay Court

Brisbane Road

Beaconsfield Road

Burden Close

Beaufort Close

Burnham Way

Beaufort Road

Burns Road

Beech Gardens

Camborne Avenue

Bellvue Road

Cambridge Road

Berry Way

Cantley Road

Birkdale Road

Cardiff Road

Blakesley Avenue

Carew Road

Blandford Road

Camborne Avenue

Blooms Close

Carlyle Road

Blossom Close

Carville Crescent

Boileau Road

Cawdor Crescent

Bond Street

Chalfont Way

Bradley Gardens

Challis Road

Brentcot Close

Chamberlin Road

Brentham Way

Chandos Avenue

Brookfield Avenue

Chepstow Road

Broomfield Place

Cherry Garth

Broomfield Road

Chesham Terrace

Broughton Close

Chilton Avenue

Broughton Road

Christopher Avenue

Brunner Road

Church Lane

Brunswick Gardens

Churchfield Road

Brunswick Road

Claygate Road

Buckingham Close

Clayponds Avenue

Bury Park

Clayponds Gardens

Byron Road

Clayton Crescent

Carberry Avenue

Clements Place

Cairn Avenue

Clemnthe Close

Carillon Court

Chestnut Avenue

Carlton Gardens

Clitherow Road

Carlton Road

Clitherow Avenue


Clovelly Road

Castlebar Court

Coldershaw Road

Castlebar Hill

Comby Courts

Castlebar Park

Conningsby Road

Castlebar Road

Convent Gardens

Cedar Grove

Cranmer Avenue

Chapel Road

Creighton Road

Charlbury Grove

Croft Gardens

Chatsfield Place

Crowther Avenue

Chatsworth Road

Cumberland Road

Cheriton Close

Darwin Road

Cherry Close

Deans Road

Chestnut Grove

Derwent Road

Chiltern Road

Devonshire Road

Church Gardens

Dorset Road

Clarendon Road

Dudley Gardens

Cleveland Court

Ealing Park Gardens

Cleveland Road

Ealing Road (North of M4)

Clivedon Court

Eastbourne Road

Colebrooke Avenue

Erlesmere Gardens

College Road

Edinburgh Road

Connel Crescent

Elers Road

Corfton Road

Elthorne Avenue


Elthorne Park Road

Craven Avenue

Enfield Road

Craven Road

Enfield Walk

Creffied Road (W5 only)

Fulmer Way

Cressfield Road

Gerrds Crescent

Crosslands Avenue

Glendfield Terrace

Culmington Road

Glenfield Road

Curzon Road

Gloucester Road

Dallas Road

Graham Avenue

Dane Road

Green Avenue


Green Lane

Delamere Road

Greenlawn Lane

Dell Way

Grosvenor Road

Denbigh Road

Grove Road, near M4

Denison Road

Gumleigh Road

Denmark Road

Haslemere Avenue

Disraeli Road

Hatfield Road

Dover Court

Hereford Road

Durham Road

Hessel Road

Ealing Green

Hollies Road

Ealing Village

Jasmine Road

East Close

Jefferson Close

Eaton Rise

Jersey Road

Edgehill Road

Julien Road

Edgerton Gardens

Junction Road

Elderberry Road

Kingsdown Avenue

Elgar Avenue

Lancaster Gardens

Elm Avenue

Lavington Road

Elm Crescent

Lawrence Road

Elm Grove Road

Leeland Terrace

Elmcroft Close

Leighton Road

Evelyn Grove

Leyborne Avenue

Fairlea Place

Lionel Road North

Fir Tree Close

Little Ealing

Florence Road

Littlewood Close

Fordhook Avenue

Lothair Road

Fowlers Walk

Loveday Road

Fox Lane

Lyncroft Gardens

Freeland Road

Manor Vale

Garrick Close

Manton Avenue

Garth Road

Marder Road

Gatcombe Mews

Mayfeild Avenue

Glencairn Drive

Melbourne Avenue

Goldcrest Mews

Mervyn Road

Golf Road

Michael Gaynor Close

Gordon Road

Midhurst Road

Granville Gardens

Milford Road

Grange Park

Model Courts

Grange Road

Monmouth Grove

Green Vale

Montague Avenue

Grenville Court

Montague Road

Greystoke Court

Murray Road

Greystoke Gardens

Netherbury Road

Grove Road

Newland Gardens

Gunnersbury Avenue
Uxbridge Road to Gunnersbury Park

Niagara Avenue

Gunnersbury Drive

North Road

Hall Close

Northcroft Road

Hamilton Court

Northfield Avenue

Hamilton Road

Northfield Road

Hanger Green

Oaklands Road

Hanger Lane

Occupation Lane

Hanger Vale

Occupation Road

Hardwick Green

Overdale Road

Harriers Close

Plum Garth

Harrow View Road

Radbourne Avenue

Hartington Road

Rathgar Avenue

Hastings Road

Raymond Avenue

Haven Green

Regina Road

Haven Green Court

Ridley Avenue

Haven Lane

Salisbury Road

Haven Place

Seaford Road

Hawthorn Gardens

Seward Road

Hazelwood Close

Overdale Road

Heath Close

Plum Garth


Radbourne Avenue

Helena Court

Rathgar Avenue

Helena Road

Sherwood Close


Somerset Road

High Street

South Road

Hillcrest Road

South Ealing Road

Hillcroft Crescent

Southfield Cottages

Hills Mews

Springvale Avenue

Hillside Road

St Aidans Road

Hogarth Close

St Georges Road

Hollingborne Gardens

St James Avenue

Holyoake Walk

St Kilda Road

Hurley Court

Sterling Place

Inglis Road

Sydney Road

Kenilworth Road

Swyncombe Avenue

Kent Avenue

Tawny Close

Kent Gardens

Temple Road

Kerrison Place

The Ride

Kerrison Road

Thurlow Road

Kerrison Villas

Trent Avenue

Keswick Mews

Uxbridge Road (Northfield Avenue
W13 to Boston Rd W7)

Kingfield Road

Venetia Road

Kings Avenue

Waldemar Avenue

Kings Road

Walmer Gardens

Kingsbridge Avenue

Walpole Close

Knights Avenue

Wellington Road


Westfield Road

Lammas Park Gardens

Weymouth Avenue

Lammas Park Road

Whitehall Road

Lanark Close

Whitestyle Road

Langham Gardens

Windermere Road

Leopold Road

Windmill Road (section between
Swyncombe Avenue & Northfield Avenue

Lilac Gardens

Woodstock Avenue

Limes Walk

Wyndham Road

Limewood Close

York Road

Lindfield Road

Trent Avenue

Liverpool Road

Uxbridge Road (Northfield Avenue
W13 to Boston Rd W7)

Longfield Avenue

Venetia Road

Longfield Road


Ludlow Road


Lynwood Road


Madeley Road


Magnolia Place


Maple Grove


Marchwood Crescent


Marcourt Lawns


Marlborough Road


Mattock Lane


Maytree Gardens


Meadvale Road




Montague Road


Montpelier Avenue


Montpelier Court


Montpelier Road


Moorfield Avenue


Mortimer Road


Mount Avenue


Mount Close


Mount Park Crescent


Mount Park Road


Mount Pleasant Road


Mountfield Road


Mulgrave Road


Neville Road


New Broadway


Nicholas Gardens


Nichols Green


North Avenue


North Common Road


Northcote Avenue


North View


Oakley Avenue


Oak Road


Oak Tree Close


Old Church Lane


Olive Road


Oxford Road


Palm Grove


Park Gate


Park Hill


Park Place


Park View Road


Perivale Gardens


Perivale Grange


Perivale Lane


Phipp Place


Pimento Court


Pinewood Gardens


Pitshanger Lane


Popes Lane


Princes Gardens


Pursewardens Close


Queen Anne's Gardens


Queen Anne’s Grove


Queen’s Gardens


Queen’s Walk


Queen's Road


Raleigh Court


Ranelagh Mews


Ranelagh Road


Ravensborne Gardens


Regal Close


Regency Close


Richmond Road


Ripley Gardens


Roberts All


Rose Gardens


Roseacre Close


Rotherwick Hill


Rowan Close


Royal Parade


Ruskin Gardens


Sandall Close


Sandall Road


Sandringham Mews


Scotch Common


Selby Road


Sherborne Gardens


Soane Road


Sovereign Close


Springbridge Mews


Springbridge Road


Spruce Close


Station Road


St Georges Avenue


St Helen's Road


St Leonards Road


St Marks Road


St Mary’s Road


St Matthews Road


St Pauls Close


St Peters Way


St Stephens Avenue


St Stephens Road


Stuart Avenue


Summerfield Road


Sunderland Road


Sunnyside Road


Sutherland Avenue


Sycamore Avenue




The Avenue


The Broadway


The Common


The Croft


The Dene


The Firs


The Grange


The Green


The Grove


The Knoll


The Mall


The Mead


The Park


The Ridings


Tring Avenue


Tudor Way


Tudor Court


Uxbridge Road (Hangar Lane/Gunnersbury Avenue
to Drayton Green Road/Northfield Avenue junction


Victoria Road


Waldeck Road


Waldegrave Road


Warren Court, Castlebar Park


Warwick Dene


Warwick Place


Warwick Road


Webster Gardens


Welsby Court


West Road


Westbury Road


Western Avenue (Argyle Road
to Hangar lane)


Western Gardens


Western Road


Westmoreland Place


Wicket Road




William Court


Willow Road


Willowmead Close


Wimborne Gardens


Windsor Road


Winscombe Crescent


Wolverton Gardens


Woodfield Avenue


Woodfield Crescent


Woodfield Road


Woodgrange Avenue


Woodside Court


Woodville Gardens


Woodville Road


Woodbury Park

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